Toys ideas

Here are some ideas of toys for when you are in holiday or at someone else’s house.

1. Pegs  – my little ones like sorting them, clip them to clothes, throw them in a basket from distance, making patterns. You can also hang a low string and give them some clothes for pretend washing. They might surprise you with new ways of playing with them.

2. For babies, but not exclusively, bottles with rice (or any hard food ingredients). Great musical/noise instruments.

3. Ribbons – tie them to a stick/pen for some ribbon dancing or pretend fishing or just use the ribbons as they are. The can use it for dress up, practice how to make bows,  clip them to hair to pretend they have long hair. Do keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t put them on their necks and asfixiate :p

4. Boxes – what can you not do with boxes. From hiding spaces and forts to dolls furniture. If a box is big enough, get them inside with a bunch of pens. Push the boxes to pretend they are cars and load them with stuff. List is endless.