Activity Advent Calendar

This is a fab ideea to replace the classic chocolate advent calendar. You do need quite a few craft materials and ideeas, but you end up with an activity a day to keep your wee ones ocupied.

What you need:

  • a box ( I had one from a beer advent calendar and I keep using it year after year, but you can use a normal box and have 24 big or small envelopes with numbers on it;
  • 24 crafts ideas (eg materials for cards, ornaments, play doh and cutters, paper plates and paint, cotton wool and glue, pine cones and beeds, toilet paper rolls, buttons and whatever else you have handy and might become a crafty project).

Put all the materials needed for each activity in separate envelopes and write a number on it. Make another wee box or envelope for the materials used for more activities like: paints, brushes and glue because you’ll need them several days.

Let the Christmas fun begin!