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  • Monster sandwiches & sausage mummies

    Monster sandwiches & sausage mummies

    If you’re stuck for Halloween games ideas get the kids to make their own monster sandwiches. Just lay down bread, fillers, fruit and vegetables and let their imagination run wild. If you have time to do some baking then get some hot dogs and roll them in puff pastry to make these cute mummies. Add…

  • Beetroot Red Velvet Pancakes

    Beetroot Red Velvet Pancakes

    Today is Shrove Tuesday and we’ve done some pancakes. I wanted a different recipe so tried the red velvet ones made with beetroot. You can’t really taste the beetroot, but it gives a vibrant red colour. To keep the pancakes red while cooking you have to fry them on low and I also did not…

  • Gingerbread houses

    Gingerbread houses

    Well one is made of ginger bread the other is from bread sticks dipped in chocolate. These are great to make but they can take a lot of time if made from scratch. The reward however is much greater when you do it from yourself.

  • Chessboard cake

    Chessboard cake

    Easy chessboard cake. Make your usual vanilla cake mix and leave half of it white. Add chocolate to the other half. Put the mix in separate bags, cut the ends then pour the cake mix in the pan in circles. One white one dark. I made 4 disks. Fill with your favourite cream.

  • Halloween biscuits

    Halloween biscuits

    An easy way to decorate some ready-made biscuits is by getting some marzipan and food colouring. Cover the biscuits with marzipan and get a painting brush to make some vampires, spiderwebs and zombies.

  • Pasta shells boats

    Pasta shells boats

    Buy some giant pasta shells and fill them with salads or other stuff that your kids love. Add a toothpick with a glued paper triangle to make them look like boats.    

  • Halloween snacks

    Halloween snacks

    Here are some easy Halloween ideas. Crackers spiders, cheese brooms and orange pumpkins.

  • Cake decor – magician theme

    Cake decor – magician theme

    If you plan a birthday party with a magic theme here is an easy cake decoration idea. Use a magic wand, some playing cards and a bunny in a black hat. Check out my playing cards bunting idea on this blog – coming soon.

  • Gingerbread house for Peppa Pig

    Gingerbread house for Peppa Pig

    We made this at Christmas and my little one still likes to play with it now in January. She never let me put the roof because she wanted to use it as Peppa’s house. All you need is a gingerbread house kit and some plastic figurines. We like Peppa and pricesses at the moment.  

  • Decorating cakes with sponge fingers

    Decorating cakes with sponge fingers