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  • Christmas village

    Christmas village

    I made a beautiful Christmas village with a few handmade cardboard and fabric houses, some instant snow, miniature trees and statues and some lights. I also hidden Alexa in one of the houses so our little town has music too.

  • Felt bib necklace (roses)

    Felt bib necklace (roses)

    By far my favourite handmade piece of jewellery. Worn several times it is a statement piece on any black dress or top. Had several compliments for it. You need to cut strips of felt and make about 20 roses of different sizes. Google ribbon roses and watch a video to learn how to make them.…

  • Witch cauldron fire pit

    Witch cauldron fire pit

    Tie 3 bamboo sticks together, make a stone circle underneath and add a few logs or sticks in the middle. Get a cheap plastic cauldron and tie it to the bamboo sticks. This must be the cheapest and easiest Halloween decoration ever. You can always add a battery operated candle or some fairy lights under…

  • Witch castle wood plaque

    Witch castle wood plaque

    Find a plaque of wood or a big piece of plywood. Get your acrylic paints and get creative. Plenty of ideas online if you can’t come up with something. Look for “Halloween castle silhouette”. These are easier to paint than detailed castles. Optional – When dried finish off with a coat of gloss spray for…

  • Leaves mustaches & beards

    Leaves mustaches & beards

    Here’s a funny one, great for Movember month. Mustaches and beards made of leaves and the unavoidable leaves fight continued in the house at the first hour in the morning, still in pijamas.

  • Guess the fabric – tactile challenge

    Guess the fabric – tactile challenge

    Teach your child the names of fabrics, what they are made of and how they feel than cover their eyes and ask them to guess their names by walking or touching them.

  • Paper bats

    Paper bats

    Cut bats shapes from black cardboard and stick them to walls or on pegs to decorate your house.

  • Stiching & beads cards

    Stiching & beads cards

    Some of my favourite cards have stiching and beads in it. You cand do so much with the two. Here are some ideas. They look elegant and very interesting.

  • Stay home ideas 11

    Stay home ideas 11

    Flying kites, garden scavenger hunt (plenty online, just Google some examples, painting pebbles.

  • Chemistry laboratory

    Chemistry laboratory

    Here is an easy and fun STEM activity. It involves colour mixing and some basic reactions. This tray kept both of my girls occupied for around 2 hours. It was one in top favourites. I used: Food colouring A variety of chemistry falcons/viles Some syringes Scoops and droppers Some plastic tubes Sugar Sodium bicarbonate Vinegar…