Human body project

Want to teach your child the human body parts and some basic anatomy? Build this super cool body made of things you have in the house or in your recycling bin.

What I used:

  • Big cardboard box:
  • Glue, pens, scissors;
  • Bubble wrap for lungs;
  • Red glitter for heart;
  • Straws for veins;
  • Yarn for brain and bowels;
  • Pom Poms for kidney;
  • Barbecue sticks for bones;
  • White sweets for teeth;
  • Paper tube for the esophagus;
  • Transparent bag for stomach;
  • Gloves.

Build the body with the above materials taking the timevto let your child do different tasks. Explain what everythibg is, how it works and showvthem where they have each body part or organ. To explain how blood and vains work I gave Sophie water and she had good fun drinking it with a load of straws.

Once finished the body got a name and spent about 2 weeks in our playroom and got fed and played with.