Pasta play

What you need:

  • A few big bags of pasta (various types including penne);
  • Pots, measuring cups, funnels and other kitchen utensils;
  • A bit of yarn to make a pasta neckless;
  • A big Ikea storage box (but any box will do);
  • A bbq stick to slip past on (do cut the sharp ends);
  • Plastic bottles, buckets.

Just shove everything in a box and let the child play. Depending on age do supervise as these can easily be put in the mouth. for fine motor skills put the child to slip pasta on a stick or some thread.

At first it seemed quite a waste of pasta, but she’s had them for 3 years and still going strong. I also use some of them in other play trays combined with other materials. Store them in a dry place and remove the small bits that form from sitting on them and playing.