Quinoa ice cream sensory bin

This came about from discovering a big bag of expired quinoa in my pantry. Hubby bought it, but I am not a fan and have managed to make it lost in the cupboard. It turned out to be an excellent sensory bin filler.

What you need:

  • Scoops;
  • Ice cream cones;
  • Plates, cups and spoons;
  • Other materials for decorating ice-cream (buttons, beeds, pom poms, coloured sticks).

If you want to do this with a young baby you can, but you have to be careful. The seeds are tiny so not really chocking hazard but they stick on the skin and could get in their mouth, eyes and so on. My little one really enjoyed it and I kept the bin pretty basic. When she was done I added a few more bits and pieces for older one to play.

Great bin for scooping, fine motor skills, pretend play and learning the likes of your little ones.