Recycling tuff spot play

I’ve been saving lids, caps, and all sorts of recycling materials to do a sorting activity. Of course my little one helps out with the recycling in our house, but she still learns what everything is and where they go. Metal seems to be the hardest to get it, but she’ll get there.

What you need:

  • Plastic & metal caps and lids;
  • Doll clothing and fabric scraps;
  • Used batterries (or new);
  • Cardboard pieces & paper;
  • Boxes to sort materials (I used metal tin for metal, fabric bag for fabric, cardboard box for paper & plastic lunch box for plastic)


  • Recycling truck;
  •  Small wheelie bin;
  • Markers & paper fir signs.

Get them to sort the materials, explain where they go and what happens to it and why recycling is good.

Once done, recycly your stuff (or keep it for future activities). Sophie likes to play with all the lids and counts them.