Salt play-dough

I made this batch at a party with the help of a few children and it proved to be good fun, but a bit too messy.

What you need:

  • 1 part salt;
  • 2 parts flour;
  • 1 part warm water;
  • a few drops of liquid colours (link below) or food colouring.

At least this is the recipe I began with after finding it online on many websites. I found myself adding more flour and salt so have some extra handy.

Mix the salt and flour, add the warm water and start kneading. Add the drops of colouring when you have reached the desired consistency and mix further to disperse the colour.

Store in food boxes with lids or wrap in kitchen cling. If left out too long it will make a crust which cracks. As this contains lots of salt please make sure you or the child does not have any open wounds or scratches.