Sensory bottles

Mess free and safe activity for any age. Babies will love the noise and colours and older children will use them in pretend play.

What you need:

  • 500 ml plastic bottles;
  • buttons;
  • pasta;
  • sugar puffs;
  • feathers;
  • water with glitter or paints;
  • coloured sand;
  • pom poms;
  • anything else you find handy and makes noise or looks interesting and fits in a bottle.

Just fill bottles with the materials and secure the lids in place. For babies use them as rattles. When they sit up you can stack them. My wee one used to love and laugh at the noise when they fell.  When older you can open the content, empty it on the floor and ask them to put it back (with supervision). I used the button ones for that and she spent ages doing this. It’s a great exercise for fine motor skills and precision. Now at 3 years plus she uses them for pretend play, cooking and other imaginative play. I store them in a pocket hanging shoe holder.