Space sensory bin

I think it was time for a non autumn related activity so here is our space inspired bin. My eldest spent over an hour playing, but she did ask for an improvement: add coins so that the astronauts have a treasure hunt on this unknown planet. How did I not think of that? My husband would have played just as happely as my daughter, shame he was at work.

So here we go. Get a big plastic box or tuff spot add a filler. I used coloured rice because I had a one year old playing with it. Recipe here. You can also use sand, cus cus, gravel, beans or any other binnfillers you might think of.

Add to this some astronauts, rockets, different shaped balls as planets, rocks,  aluminium foil or something shiny, some diggers and anything else you might have that is suitable – I had a NASA mug. Let the exploration begin.