Tag: active play

  • Nature crazy hair game

    Nature crazy hair game

    Super simple ideea for nature walks. Cut a face out of cardboard then add hair from natural resources. Do not harm plants. Just place the face wherever you want to take the photo. Have fun and plenty of storage memory.

  • Skeleton made of sticks

    Skeleton made of sticks

    Start by going to a forest walk and gather sticks and some leaves on. Get a mix of sizes. Then form a skeleton with the kids and teach the names of the bones. Great simple activity to combine nature and lean about the human body.

  • Natural resources princesses

    Natural resources princesses

    Go out and gather plants, petals, flowers, acorns, moss, feathers and any other interesting resources. On some cardboard draw some girls with puffy dresses. You could instead make animals, monsters or houses, anything your kids like. Glue the plants in place.

  • Painting curbs & stepping stones

    Painting curbs & stepping stones

    Have you got any curbs, garden fences or stepping stones to paint? Get the kids to do it and you can finish off with the final touches. Finish off with a spray if you use normal acrylic on your stones. This way it will last longer.

  • Bubble catching

    Bubble catching

    We play with bubbles all the time, but never tried this until today. Great variation.

  • Doll on a walk photography project

    Doll on a walk photography project

    Walking around the houseand avoiding the parks and other people is not much fun so here is an idea. Take a small doll/action figure and ask kids to take photos with it doing stuff. My little one came with loads of ideas and loved to use my phone to snap some shots. I am sure…

  • Mud soups & pies Stay home ideas 13

    Mud soups & pies Stay home ideas 13

    Bowls, spoons, baking trays and any other unwanted pots plus loads of mud, leaves, flowers, stones, glitter, sprinkles and water. Let the cooking begin.

  • Stay home ideas 12

    Stay home ideas 12

    An easy and active game using a few pages of paper. Make a path laying down the pages and come up with ways to walk on them. I can’t remember all of them, but we did balancing objects on the head, blind walk, backwards walk, frog jumps, side jumps, dog walk, knees walk, sausage rolls.…