Tag: Anatomy

  • Candy DNA

    Candy DNA

    Make a DNA model out of candy and toothpicks. Warning: kids might eat more than their daily ratio. Explain what DNA and teach them about its structure and sequencing.

  • Skeleton made of sticks

    Skeleton made of sticks

    Start by going to a forest walk and gather sticks and some leaves on. Get a mix of sizes. Then form a skeleton with the kids and teach the names of the bones. Great simple activity to combine nature and lean about the human body.

  • Grapes & toothpicks geometric/stem shapes

    Grapes & toothpicks geometric/stem shapes

    Make snack time playful and sciency. All you need are some grapes and toothpicks to make these 3D shapes. You can also replace grapes with gummy candies or play-dough balls.  

  • Human body project

    Human body project

    Want to teach your child the human body parts and some basic anatomy? Build this super cool body made of things you have in the house or in your recycling bin. What I used: Big cardboard box: Glue, pens, scissors; Bubble wrap for lungs; Red glitter for heart; Straws for veins; Yarn for brain and…