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  • Ice table decorations

    Ice table decorations

    Here are a few ideas to ornate your table with ice. Ice & flowers/fruit bottle holder or frozen bottles as Jamie Oliver calls them. You need a cut big plastic bottle and an empty wine bottle (or if you like gin and vodka they can go inside the freezer as they are so no need…

  • Stiching & beads cards

    Stiching & beads cards

    Some of my favourite cards have stiching and beads in it. You cand do so much with the two. Here are some ideas. They look elegant and very interesting.

  • Message frame

    Message frame

    This frame can be used for party of for home décor. Easy to change and adapt the message for various occasions. What you need: A big, empty frame; Cardboard letters; Artificial flowers; String and some tape. Decorate the frame with some flowers and put the desired wording on strings glued to the back of the…

  • Party bags with a message

    Party bags with a message

    Planning a party? Here is an idea. This was for my baby shower, but you can adjust the writing to whatever you’re celebrating. They can be used for other parties too. Just make a few changes. What you need: Readymade letter (or cardboard and scissors if you want to make them yourself); Glue; Party bags.…