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  • Monster sandwiches & sausage mummies

    Monster sandwiches & sausage mummies

    If you’re stuck for Halloween games ideas get the kids to make their own monster sandwiches. Just lay down bread, fillers, fruit and vegetables and let their imagination run wild. If you have time to do some baking then get some hot dogs and roll them in puff pastry to make these cute mummies. Add…

  • Leaves mustaches & beards

    Leaves mustaches & beards

    Here’s a funny one, great for Movember month. Mustaches and beards made of leaves and the unavoidable leaves fight continued in the house at the first hour in the morning, still in pijamas.

  • Sticks spiderweb – eco friendly decorations

    Sticks spiderweb – eco friendly decorations

    Start with a walk in the nearby woods and gather a few sticks from some fallen branches. Then form a star with 3 or 4 of them and stick them together in the middle with some string or tape (not that green but masking tape is slightly better). Then run some yarn from one stick…

  • Bamboo poles tent

    Bamboo poles tent

    I made the frame for this tent using bamboo sticks, tape and some plastic pipes from a game we have in the house. I then covered the structure with a large sheet and put a duvet and pillows in it. I decorated the tent and added some lights. Don’t forget about a tray with snacks.…

  • Halloween ideas

    Halloween ideas

    Some random ideas for Halloween and autumn: – orange pumpkin transformation – harvest garland – carved pumpkin idea – felt and foam Halloween card

  • Halloween biscuits

    Halloween biscuits

    An easy way to decorate some ready-made biscuits is by getting some marzipan and food colouring. Cover the biscuits with marzipan and get a painting brush to make some vampires, spiderwebs and zombies.

  • Skeleton made of sticks

    Skeleton made of sticks

    Start by going to a forest walk and gather sticks and some leaves on. Get a mix of sizes. Then form a skeleton with the kids and teach the names of the bones. Great simple activity to combine nature and lean about the human body.

  • Natural resources princesses

    Natural resources princesses

    Go out and gather plants, petals, flowers, acorns, moss, feathers and any other interesting resources. On some cardboard draw some girls with puffy dresses. You could instead make animals, monsters or houses, anything your kids like. Glue the plants in place.

  • Autumn play soup

    Autumn play soup

    Autumn is almost gone so here’s a play idea with everything you can think of related to autumn, water and kitchen utensils – autumn soup play.

  • Pinecone animals

    Pinecone animals

    Cool autumn decorations using pinecones, paper, felt, clay, glue and eyes.