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  • Painting on snow

    Painting on snow

    We are trying to make the most of the snow indoors and outdoors as it’s unlikely to have it for long. Here’s an indoor idea with snow. Bring some snow in a plastic box and dilute some paints with water (or use food colouring). Painting works better on snow balls. Don’t forget to put a…

  • Musical wine glasses

    Musical wine glasses

    Always been fascinated by the sounds of the crystal glasses. It turns out any cheap wine glass does the job. To do it with your kids is best to have a waterproof base and stick the glasses to the base with tape. Pour different quantities of water to the glasses as this results in different…

  • DIY Hologram projector

    DIY Hologram projector

    What a cool thing to be doing with your home schooled kids. Use some plastic foil from used packaging (clear fruit punnets or toiletry gift boxes) to make a piramid with no base or top. See enclosed photo. You need 4 shapes that you will stick together with transparent tape. Each shape had a 6…

  • Garden play ideas

    Garden play ideas

    Some of them can be done indoors. We have used some pegs to play a sort of follow my trail hide and seek, played with water and syringes (had different sizes, but you can use the ones from the paracetamol syrups for kids) and watered the flowers. Happy playing

  • Giant bubles

    Giant bubles

    More for the idea rather than the perfect recipe. I have used two sticks laying in my garden, some cotton embroidery string and a pair of keys, I had to improvise. For the solution I started with a recipe found online with 6 cups water, half cup cornflour, half cup dish soap, a teaspoon of…

  • Chalk ideas

    Chalk ideas

    Plenty of ideas out there. Animals, shapes, flowers. The one my little ones enjoyed the most are “be a butterfly” and colour our fence. There’s scope for many hours of work on the fence one.

  • Beauty station – stay home ideas 10

    Beauty station – stay home ideas 10

    Lots of play with a make up mirror, hair clips, glasses (old frames), fascinators, scarfs and some perfume and lipstick.

  • Placard making – stay home ideas 9

    Placard making – stay home ideas 9

    We’ve taken part in the Scottish CND challenge #windowsforpeace to make a placard and display it in the window. Stamping, cutting and sticking, writing and coloring on a cardboard kept them occupied for hours.

  • Stay home ideas 6

    Stay home ideas 6

    Here’s some of today’s highlights: – hot chocolate outside – practicing letters – sensory shaving foam & colours bag

  • Water slide/puddles activity

    Water slide/puddles activity

    I have been waiting for a hot day to do this for a while now & it finally came. You need a big tarpaulin sheet, a water hose and one or more kids in swimming costumes. Just lie down the sheet on a flat surface (grass to avoid accidents) if you want puddles, or downhill…