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  • Stay home ideas 14

    Stay home ideas 14

    Make a tent (I used tarpaulin on a washing line and some pegs for securing it in the grass) a polly pocket foamy pool party and dot patterns with kitchen roll or toilet paper.

  • Giant bubles

    Giant bubles

    More for the idea rather than the perfect recipe. I have used two sticks laying in my garden, some cotton embroidery string and a pair of keys, I had to improvise. For the solution I started with a recipe found online with 6 cups water, half cup cornflour, half cup dish soap, a teaspoon of…

  • Quinoa ice cream sensory bin

    Quinoa ice cream sensory bin

    This came about from discovering a big bag of expired quinoa in my pantry. Hubby bought it, but I am not a fan and have managed to make it lost in the cupboard. It turned out to be an excellent sensory bin filler. What you need: Scoops; Ice cream cones; Plates, cups and spoons; Other…

  • Baby safe sand play

    Baby safe sand play

    Easiest activity ever cornmeal or semolina and sand toys

  • Little baby baker messy play

    Little baby baker messy play

    Here is a safe to sample activity for small babies who might not just yet be ready to help out in the kitchen. Put some dough and flour on a messy tray and loads of kitchen ustensills (avoid sharp objects). Add some toy cookies and cakes and let them explore. My little one enjoyed this…

  • Polly pocket pool party

    Polly pocket pool party

    Here’s an easy idea for water play. What you need : Plastic figurines ; Water with bubbles (I used a Lush bubble bar with an amazing smell and colour for added sensory experience); Cupcake moulds as boats; Chair, boats, umbrella, palm trees or other pool related toys you might have in the house; Some interesting…

  • Edible coloured water beads- basil seeds

    Edible coloured water beads- basil seeds

    These seeds are so interesting and very sticky. They feel like water beads, slippery and squishy, but are safe to taste and touch. What you need: Big bag of basil seeds from Asian shop; Food colouring (this is what I uaed for mine, but if the child is big enough you’ll get better results with…

  • Ball pit ideea

    Ball pit ideea

    I had this inflatable paddling pool as a ball pit and it was amazing! It was soft, gave support for my little one when she was still learning how to sit up and there were no hitting the head on the hard floor incidents. A must have from my point of view. I used it…

  • Cornflour & water play

    Cornflour & water play

    Great sensory play idea. Water and cornflour. It’s sticky and goes hard on the outside. Really interesting texture and safe to be tasted.

  • Tarpaulin play

    Tarpaulin play

    Super easy idea with a tarpaulin cover. I use it to protect the floor when doing messy play at big gatherings. You can use this as a big parachute, hiding place or just on the floor for some noisy fun play. Works with any age really. Add soft toys on top or just fluff it…