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  • Beetroot Red Velvet Pancakes

    Beetroot Red Velvet Pancakes

    Today is Shrove Tuesday and we’ve done some pancakes. I wanted a different recipe so tried the red velvet ones made with beetroot. You can’t really taste the beetroot, but it gives a vibrant red colour. To keep the pancakes red while cooking you have to fry them on low and I also did not…

  • Gingerbread houses

    Gingerbread houses

    Well one is made of ginger bread the other is from bread sticks dipped in chocolate. These are great to make but they can take a lot of time if made from scratch. The reward however is much greater when you do it from yourself.

  • Playdoh Christmas cookies

    Playdoh Christmas cookies

    Kids are getting excited about Christmas so here is an easy activity. Take your cookie cutters out of the baking drawer, some sprinkles and/or a mix of buttons and start baking.

  • Halloween biscuits

    Halloween biscuits

    An easy way to decorate some ready-made biscuits is by getting some marzipan and food colouring. Cover the biscuits with marzipan and get a painting brush to make some vampires, spiderwebs and zombies.

  • Pretend cupcakes

    Pretend cupcakes

    I had some icing from some biscuits I made so had to find other uses for it. I always keep expired food items for play (it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I do come across to something that has not been eaten in time and don’t like to just throw it away). I had corn…