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  • Gift wrapping ideas

    Gift wrapping ideas

    Some ideas to decorate gifts. Try origami flowers, lace, buttons, wide ribbons and stones, cheap jewellery parts or numbers/letters made of beads.

  • Chessboard cake

    Chessboard cake

    Easy chessboard cake. Make your usual vanilla cake mix and leave half of it white. Add chocolate to the other half. Put the mix in separate bags, cut the ends then pour the cake mix in the pan in circles. One white one dark. I made 4 disks. Fill with your favourite cream.

  • Ice table decorations

    Ice table decorations

    Here are a few ideas to ornate your table with ice. Ice & flowers/fruit bottle holder or frozen bottles as Jamie Oliver calls them. You need a cut big plastic bottle and an empty wine bottle (or if you like gin and vodka they can go inside the freezer as they are so no need…

  • Stiching & beads cards

    Stiching & beads cards

    Some of my favourite cards have stiching and beads in it. You cand do so much with the two. Here are some ideas. They look elegant and very interesting.

  • Quilling cards

    Quilling cards

    Here’s some cards using the quilling technique. It was a while back and tools were not available so made my own. I cut my own paper strips and made a quilling tool from an ear cotton bud (I removed the cotton and cut the plastic stick in two for half a centimetre, enough to fit…

  • Decoupage cards

    Decoupage cards

    I made many cards along the years, but not managed to photograph all. Here are some using the 3D decoupage technique. I like using ribbons, CDs, stickers, buttons, cut shapes, strings to create movement.

  • Pasta shells boats

    Pasta shells boats

    Buy some giant pasta shells and fill them with salads or other stuff that your kids love. Add a toothpick with a glued paper triangle to make them look like boats.    

  • Wraping paper & card for dad

    Wraping paper & card for dad

    Here is a simple card and wrapping paper idea for dads. You need a shoe from dad and one from the kid to make some stomps on a paper. For the card use a hand print to make a dinosaur by adding a neck and a head to the palm imprint.

  • Cake decor – magician theme

    Cake decor – magician theme

    If you plan a birthday party with a magic theme here is an easy cake decoration idea. Use a magic wand, some playing cards and a bunny in a black hat. Check out my playing cards bunting idea on this blog – coming soon.

  • Girls festive high chair

    Girls festive high chair

    Here is an easy idea for a first birthday. Decorate the high chair of the birthday girl with a tutu skirt and a doll.  I did not actually use a tutu skirt, just net fabric on an elastic band.