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  • Cardboard & fabric houses

    Cardboard & fabric houses

    I have been making a few cardboard houses for a little Christmas village. I always loved the miniature festive villages, but buying enough of them to make a display can cost a fortune. These houses are made with cardboard boxes, scrap fabric and some Christmas ribbon, buttons and ornaments. Cut the walls of the houses…

  • Bamboo poles tent

    Bamboo poles tent

    I made the frame for this tent using bamboo sticks, tape and some plastic pipes from a game we have in the house. I then covered the structure with a large sheet and put a duvet and pillows in it. I decorated the tent and added some lights. Don’t forget about a tray with snacks.…

  • DIY Hologram projector

    DIY Hologram projector

    What a cool thing to be doing with your home schooled kids. Use some plastic foil from used packaging (clear fruit punnets or toiletry gift boxes) to make a piramid with no base or top. See enclosed photo. You need 4 shapes that you will stick together with transparent tape. Each shape had a 6…

  • Slate painting

    Slate painting

    Same thing as painting pebbles: acrylic markers and sealent spray. I used some broken slates to make houses and an old tile to make a multi-storey block. You can put them in your garden or in a fairy corner.

  • Edible muddy puddles play

    Edible muddy puddles play

    Easy messy play idea and totally edible.  Muddy bin with cars, animals or Peppa figurines. What you need: yogurt and cacao for mud; construction cars (or chunky cars if the bin is for a toddler); farm animals or other plastic figurines. Mix some yogurt for with cacao to make the mud and add all the…

  • Doll house furniture

    Doll house furniture

    Here is  a use for empty boxes and fabric scraps. What you need: fabric scraps; cardboard boxes; glue gun; lids; flower heads; cotton balls or pillow filler. Cut the desired shapes and glue fabric or wrapping paper on. Put some filling under the fabric. For the table I used an ice cream box. For the…

  • Cardboard washing machine

    Cardboard washing machine

    Simple upcycle idea for some pretend play. What you need: A cardboard box; Some markers; A cutter/scissors; A laminating sheet or plastic pouch; Some glue; An empty bottle of detergent; Pegs & washing line/string. Make two circles with a couple of plates, one bigger than the other. Cut to make a door and stick the…

  • Puppet theatre station

    Puppet theatre station

    From the series of “what to do with an empty box”. What you need; A big empty box; Cutter; Two small pieces of fabric; Some string. Take the big box and carve a large window. If they are big enough get them to help (use scissors instead). Add the two pieces of fabric to form…

  • Human body project

    Human body project

    Want to teach your child the human body parts and some basic anatomy? Build this super cool body made of things you have in the house or in your recycling bin. What I used: Big cardboard box: Glue, pens, scissors; Bubble wrap for lungs; Red glitter for heart; Straws for veins; Yarn for brain and…

  • Build & paint a giant dinosaur kit

    Build & paint a giant dinosaur kit

    I’d say this was a good value buy. It’s not very sturdy and you might need to reinforce the neck to stay up, but for a fiver what else can you want? We needed a few days to finish it so it kept us going. Get your dino here: