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  • Find me snow trail & car play

    Find me snow trail & car play

    Sophie’s idea – a hide and seek variation where you leave a trail in the snow. The car play might be even better in deeper snow. Get those diggers and tractors out. Make the mini roads with a mini sand shovel.

  • Friction experiment

    Friction experiment

    Teach your little ones about friction and different surfaces with a toy car, an improvised ramp and different covers for the ramp. We choose a selection of fabrics and learnt their names. Ask the child to order them by which surface will let the car to go faster then time the car sliding down on…

  • Recycling tuff spot play

    Recycling tuff spot play

    I’ve been saving lids, caps, and all sorts of recycling materials to do a sorting activity. Of course my little one helps out with the recycling in our house, but she still learns what everything is and where they go. Metal seems to be the hardest to get it, but she’ll get there. What you…

  • Edible muddy puddles play

    Edible muddy puddles play

    Easy messy play idea and totally edible.  Muddy bin with cars, animals or Peppa figurines. What you need: yogurt and cacao for mud; construction cars (or chunky cars if the bin is for a toddler); farm animals or other plastic figurines. Mix some yogurt for with cacao to make the mud and add all the…

  • Construction site play tray

    Construction site play tray
  • Car wash station

    Car wash station

    What you need: Shaving foam; A few toy cars; A tray/plastic sheet; Brushes or sponges A bowl with warm water and a towel. Just spray some shaving foam on a tray and place the cars and brushes on it. Super easy, but you need to wash the child after. Mine decided to cover herself in…