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  • Oil & water experiment

    Oil & water experiment

    Travelling coloured water experiment Introduce kids to density with this mesmerising simple experiment. All you need is water, food colouring, oil and two glasses. In 3 spoons of oil mix a few drops of food colouring. Then pour the mixture in water and watch how the colors mix with the water. Hypothesis/Question: Do oil and…

  • Travelling coloured water experiment

    Travelling coloured water experiment

    Very easy experiment to learn about basic colours and water properties. Fill some glasses half way or less with water and add food colouring. Place an empty glass in between each colour and create a bridge using fabric or paper towels. Hypothesis/Question: Will the water travel to the empty glasses? Will we get new colours?…

  • Green & shiny pennies

    Green & shiny pennies

    Here’s another fun experiment with pennies. You need half a cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of salt. Mix it and put the coins in the solution. The dull ones will regain their shine. If you want to keep them shiny rinse them in water, if you want to turn them green/blue put them to…

  • Erupting volcano

    Erupting volcano

    Go outside and make a mud mountain. In the middle put an used can and put half a tub of baking soda and some colour powder/pigment. When ready pour some vinegar in and watch it erupt.

  • Oil lava lamp

    Oil lava lamp

    In a glass pour some water, add oil and some drops of liquid colours or food colouring and then put an alka salter tablet. Watch the fizz and oil moving while mixing with the colours.

  • Chemistry laboratory

    Chemistry laboratory

    Here is an easy and fun STEM activity. It involves colour mixing and some basic reactions. This tray kept both of my girls occupied for around 2 hours. It was one in top favourites. I used: Food colouring A variety of chemistry falcons/viles Some syringes Scoops and droppers Some plastic tubes Sugar Sodium bicarbonate Vinegar…