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  • Beetroot Red Velvet Pancakes

    Beetroot Red Velvet Pancakes

    Today is Shrove Tuesday and we’ve done some pancakes. I wanted a different recipe so tried the red velvet ones made with beetroot. You can’t really taste the beetroot, but it gives a vibrant red colour. To keep the pancakes red while cooking you have to fry them on low and I also did not…

  • Pretend cupcakes

    Pretend cupcakes

    I had some icing from some biscuits I made so had to find other uses for it. I always keep expired food items for play (it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I do come across to something that has not been eaten in time and don’t like to just throw it away). I had corn…

  • Chores & Lifelong skills

    Chores & Lifelong skills

    My little ones love helping with cooking, dusting or wiping floors. They can practice how to use scissors and knives, graters, brooms, vacuums and other instruments. She had great fun learning how to sew with a jumbo plastic needle and cardboard. We are doing different shapes like squares or triangles.

  • Edible chu chu train

    Edible chu chu train

    Here is a presentation idea for your vegetables or other snacks. Perfect for winter holidays, but you can adjust the setting to fit a transport themed party or other themes. What I’ve used: Big peppers; Cucumber slices; Food to load the train (sausages, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks); Toothpicks; Toy train track; Artificial trees; Christmas light…

  • Savory cake

    Savory cake

    Preparing a party and need some interesting ideas easy to make? How about a fancy version of a sandwich? A savory cake, no baking, no cooking, no fuss. What you need: Thin sliced bread; Soft cheese; Smoked salmon; Vegetables (cucumber, cherry tomatoes, radish); This is a no brainer. Just a bunch of sandwiches on top…