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  • Creative frames

    Creative frames

    Get all the bits and bobs you can find (buttons, peebles, gems, pasta) and some frames or embroidery hoops and let the child create different images or scenes.

  • Spray paint impressions

    Spray paint impressions

    Get some spray bottles and fill them with water and paint or food colouring. Get leaves, plastic objects, cookie cutters or anything flat that you don’t mind coloring. Place them on some bloating paper or kitchen towels and spray from a distance. You will get negative impressions on your paper.

  • Old short storage box

    Old short storage box

    I made this from cardboard and and old cotton shirt. If you are not good at sewing then use a glue gun to fix the fabric to the box.

  • Natural resources princesses

    Natural resources princesses

    Go out and gather plants, petals, flowers, acorns, moss, feathers and any other interesting resources. On some cardboard draw some girls with puffy dresses. You could instead make animals, monsters or houses, anything your kids like. Glue the plants in place.

  • Recycled windsock

    Recycled windsock

    Get an used can. Paint it or glue some nice fabric on, glue some strips of ribbon comming out from the inside of the can and make a hole in the top of the can to add a string and hang it somewhere in the garden for the wind to blow the ribbons. I had…

  • Slate painting

    Slate painting

    Same thing as painting pebbles: acrylic markers and sealent spray. I used some broken slates to make houses and an old tile to make a multi-storey block. You can put them in your garden or in a fairy corner.

  • Doll on a walk photography project

    Doll on a walk photography project

    Walking around the houseand avoiding the parks and other people is not much fun so here is an idea. Take a small doll/action figure and ask kids to take photos with it doing stuff. My little one came with loads of ideas and loved to use my phone to snap some shots. I am sure…

  • Placard making – stay home ideas 9

    Placard making – stay home ideas 9

    We’ve taken part in the Scottish CND challenge #windowsforpeace to make a placard and display it in the window. Stamping, cutting and sticking, writing and coloring on a cardboard kept them occupied for hours.

  • Stay home ideas 2

    Stay home ideas 2

    Today’s ideas for the kids off school and nursery. 1. Early Easter egg hunt 2. Make & paint your binoculars with two toilet rolls

  • Toys ideas

    Toys ideas

    Here are some ideas of toys for when you are in holiday or at someone else’s house. 1. Pegs  – my little ones like sorting them, clip them to clothes, throw them in a basket from distance, making patterns. You can also hang a low string and give them some clothes for pretend washing. They…