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  • Gingerbread houses

    Gingerbread houses

    Well one is made of ginger bread the other is from bread sticks dipped in chocolate. These are great to make but they can take a lot of time if made from scratch. The reward however is much greater when you do it from yourself.

  • Sequin Christmas decorations

    Sequin Christmas decorations

    Make some sparkly tree decorations with your little ones with cardboard, good quality glue and sequins.

  • Paper garland/baubles

    Paper garland/baubles

    Here is an alternative to the traditional paper chain Christmas garland. Make little paper baubles using 5 strips of paper (or any uneven number). Staple the top together. Cut the middle one shorter, then the pair next to it slightly longer and leave the outside pair the longest. Staple the other end making sure the…

  • Baubles garland

    Baubles garland

    No need for instructions for this one. Get a large amount of baubles and put them on a string or some yarn.

  • Milk bottle snowmen

    Milk bottle snowmen

    Similar to the Halloween lanterns you can make snowmen and add funny hats or ear mufs and orange felt noses. Use a glue gun and quality paints to beat the rain and snow or use a spray to seal your work. Cut the bottle at the back to add lights.

  • Snowman wooden sign

    Snowman wooden sign

    Find an old wooden plank and paint a snowman with acrylics. Use it for your outdoor decor. You could add some wording if you have space (welcome or let it snow). Seal it with some waterproof glossy spray.

  • Christmas village

    Christmas village

    I made a beautiful Christmas village with a few handmade cardboard and fabric houses, some instant snow, miniature trees and statues and some lights. I also hidden Alexa in one of the houses so our little town has music too.

  • Felt Christmas ornaments

    Felt Christmas ornaments

    Here are a variety of felt ornaments I made over the years. You need A4 felt sheets, thread, beads/buttons and cotton or pillow filler. For any complicated patterns (sledge, raindeer, train) I suggest to make a pattern first on some cardboard then cut the shapes.

  • Miniature felt ice skates ornament

    Miniature felt ice skates ornament

    One of the sweetest little ornaments you’ve seen. Little ice skates made of felt with paperclips for the blades. They are very easy to make. Work your way up from the paper clip to get the right size of the boots.

  • Pinwheel cupcake toppers

    Pinwheel cupcake toppers

    Decorate your cupcakes with cardboard pinwheels. Make them using double sided printed cardboard for better results. Pattern enclosed but plenty of instructions to be found online.