Tag: Discovering animals

  • Coloured pasta butterflies or bows

    Coloured pasta butterflies or bows

    Using this technique dye your pasta and dry it. Then with acrylic pens paint different butterflies. Teach the kids the different types and characteristics when painting them. My little one really likes the Monarch.

  • Candy DNA

    Candy DNA

    Make a DNA model out of candy and toothpicks. Warning: kids might eat more than their daily ratio. Explain what DNA and teach them about its structure and sequencing.

  • Patatoes animals

    Patatoes animals

    It all started with a Mr Patatoe figurine from school. The girls wanted to do other animals with patatoes so here’s my dinner gone.

  • Pom pom spiders

    Pom pom spiders

    With Halloween coming soon here’s a thematic craft project. To make these spiders you need paper, pom poms and wiggle eyes. Get some scissors to cut a base and legs and stick everything on the little paper base. Add the eyes and a mouth and you are done.

  • Bottle caps bugs

    Bottle caps bugs

    I always like to use packaging for playing so I have a lot of caps saved in a drawer for crafts We have used some of them to make little bugs for the garden. We have also made two spider cards. You need caps, acrylic pens and a finishing spray if you want them waterproof.…

  • Stay home ideas 15

    Stay home ideas 15

    Feeding snails, cardboard nail salon and sleeping bag play.

  • Frog swamp

    Frog swamp

    Here’s a messy play idea with the bog mud made of flour, water and a bit of food colouring. Add lizards, frogs, plants, stones and plastic insects.

  • Painted peebles 2

    Painted peebles 2

    Insects, snails and frogs. Used glitter because they were meant to be used in a fairy garden for my little ones. I used acrylic pains as well as acrylic markers and spray for waterproof finish.

  • Pinecone animals

    Pinecone animals

    Cool autumn decorations using pinecones, paper, felt, clay, glue and eyes.

  • Feeding snails

    Feeding snails

    Snails are so easy to find and very interesting for little ones. Just get a snai or too and add some water and some bread to a plate. Place it on it and wait until they get out to eat. Might help to bring them close to the bread to sense the smell. They might…