Tag: Discovering plants

  • Candy DNA

    Candy DNA

    Make a DNA model out of candy and toothpicks. Warning: kids might eat more than their daily ratio. Explain what DNA and teach them about its structure and sequencing.

  • Patatoes animals

    Patatoes animals

    It all started with a Mr Patatoe figurine from school. The girls wanted to do other animals with patatoes so here’s my dinner gone.

  • Dried orange slices garland

    Dried orange slices garland

    Here’s an idea for a rustic & green Christmas decoration. All you need is dried orange slices (you can make them with a dehidrator or buy them) some yarn and a large needle. These were made for the school Christmas Winter Wonderland forest trail, but would work very well in a tree.

  • Carved pumpkin idea

    Carved pumpkin idea

    Fairy House Pumpkin. Some flowers and leaves, toadstools and loads of glitter.

  • Leaves mustaches & beards

    Leaves mustaches & beards

    Here’s a funny one, great for Movember month. Mustaches and beards made of leaves and the unavoidable leaves fight continued in the house at the first hour in the morning, still in pijamas.

  • Halloween ideas

    Halloween ideas

    Some random ideas for Halloween and autumn: – orange pumpkin transformation – harvest garland – carved pumpkin idea – felt and foam Halloween card

  • Fruit & vegetable stamps

    Fruit & vegetable stamps

    I have not posted in a while. With lockdown lifted we try our best to get out for walks and other activities. Here’s our last indoor project idea. Make some stamps for painting from celery, lemons, apples or patatoes. Get a big cardboard and some paint and let the mess begin. Do make sure to…

  • Natural resources princesses

    Natural resources princesses

    Go out and gather plants, petals, flowers, acorns, moss, feathers and any other interesting resources. On some cardboard draw some girls with puffy dresses. You could instead make animals, monsters or houses, anything your kids like. Glue the plants in place.

  • Sink or float experiment

    Sink or float experiment

    Get a transparent bowl, fill it with water and put things in it to observe if they float or sink. Better done in the garden to look for things. Learn about density and porosity and why things float. After the game this ended up being a witch potion

  • Frog swamp

    Frog swamp

    Here’s a messy play idea with the bog mud made of flour, water and a bit of food colouring. Add lizards, frogs, plants, stones and plastic insects.