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  • Little Red Riding Hood Re-enactment

    Little Red Riding Hood Re-enactment

    Action story telling with puppets and dolls. My little one lives them so have all sort of stories re-enactments.

  • Cindirella re-enactment

    Cindirella re-enactment

    After Tangled it was clear that I had to do more of the same. So here’s our version of Cindirella.

  • Rapunzel re-enactment

    Rapunzel re-enactment

    If you have Tangled fans, here is a fabulous play idea. Get some dolls to act the story. She played for hours!!!

  • Dolls sock dress

    Dolls sock dress

    At some point all girls we’ll have a doll without a dress. Easiest way to dress it is to put a sock on it. You’ll be surprised how nice it looks. Just find the right size and cut the toes bit. I used a baby sock.

  • Doll house furniture

    Doll house furniture

    Here is  a use for empty boxes and fabric scraps. What you need: fabric scraps; cardboard boxes; glue gun; lids; flower heads; cotton balls or pillow filler. Cut the desired shapes and glue fabric or wrapping paper on. Put some filling under the fabric. For the table I used an ice cream box. For the…