Tag: drawing

  • Chinese paper dragon

    Chinese paper dragon

    Sophie’s homework was to build a paper dragon so here’s her end result. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Not my temple, but it seems to be everywhere on the internet so I presume it’s free to use. For other options just search for paper dragon puppet or colour and cut dragon.

  • Fabric scraps collage houses

    Fabric scraps collage houses

    If you like me keep fabric scraps here’s an idea. Get some cardboard and glue and some markers. They can do anything rainbows, cars, butterflies. We went for houses this time.

  • Drawings in the snow

    Drawings in the snow

    Use the snow as canvas and give the kids some sticks to draw or write on it.

  • Family tree project

    Family tree project

    Teach the kids more about their family with this crafty cardboard project. Involves drawing, cutting, sticking, writing, research (call family to ask names, look up people online, if your kids are older show them dedicated websites like ancestry). Also worth taking out some of those old photographs and tell stories about any loved ones perhaps…