Tag: edible materials

  • Coloured baby spaghetti play

    Coloured baby spaghetti play

    Here is a simple, but very interesting messy play idea for babies and toddlers who like sampling their play ingredients. Boil some pasta and add food colour to it. Enjoy the sensory experience!

  • Quinoa ice cream sensory bin

    Quinoa ice cream sensory bin

    This came about from discovering a big bag of expired quinoa in my pantry. Hubby bought it, but I am not a fan and have managed to make it lost in the cupboard. It turned out to be an excellent sensory bin filler. What you need: Scoops; Ice cream cones; Plates, cups and spoons; Other…

  • Baby safe sand play

    Baby safe sand play

    Easiest activity ever cornmeal or semolina and sand toys

  • Little baby baker messy play

    Little baby baker messy play

    Here is a safe to sample activity for small babies who might not just yet be ready to help out in the kitchen. Put some dough and flour on a messy tray and loads of kitchen ustensills (avoid sharp objects). Add some toy cookies and cakes and let them explore. My little one enjoyed this…

  • Edible coloured water beads- basil seeds

    Edible coloured water beads- basil seeds

    These seeds are so interesting and very sticky. They feel like water beads, slippery and squishy, but are safe to taste and touch. What you need: Big bag of basil seeds from Asian shop; Food colouring (this is what I uaed for mine, but if the child is big enough you’ll get better results with…

  • Pretend water & sand play

    Pretend water & sand play

    This is one of the firsts tuff spots I made for my little one. What you need: semolina or cornmeal for sand; blue or transparent gelatine; seaside/ocean figurines; sand scoops. Use the gelatine straight from the fridge for an interesting sensory experience.

  • Pipes & rainbow rice play

    Pipes & rainbow rice play

    Great play idea with coloured rice, some pipes and kitchen utensils. A colour explosion!!!    

  • Coloured jelly play

    Coloured jelly play

    Make some coloured jelly and use it for play along with trays, cupcake holders, spoons and lots of sprinkles. I made the mistake to freeze some of the jelly because it did not fit in my fridge and it was not as clear and wobbly as I wished so try not to make my mistake.…

  • Dinosaurs tuff spot

    Dinosaurs tuff spot

    Here is a messy, but great dinosaurs tuff spot. What you need: Plastic dinosaurs; Fish tank plastic plants; Rocks and pebbles; Water, flour and food colouring for the goo (or liquid watercolours); Pasta, lentils, semolina for different textures. To make the goo just mix water, flour and colours to get a pancake batter consistency.

  • Cornflour & water play

    Cornflour & water play

    Great sensory play idea. Water and cornflour. It’s sticky and goes hard on the outside. Really interesting texture and safe to be tasted.