Tag: Fabric crafts

  • Fabric scraps collage houses

    Fabric scraps collage houses

    If you like me keep fabric scraps here’s an idea. Get some cardboard and glue and some markers. They can do anything rainbows, cars, butterflies. We went for houses this time.

  • Christmas village

    Christmas village

    I made a beautiful Christmas village with a few handmade cardboard and fabric houses, some instant snow, miniature trees and statues and some lights. I also hidden Alexa in one of the houses so our little town has music too.

  • Cardboard & fabric houses

    Cardboard & fabric houses

    I have been making a few cardboard houses for a little Christmas village. I always loved the miniature festive villages, but buying enough of them to make a display can cost a fortune. These houses are made with cardboard boxes, scrap fabric and some Christmas ribbon, buttons and ornaments. Cut the walls of the houses…

  • Felt Christmas ornaments

    Felt Christmas ornaments

    Here are a variety of felt ornaments I made over the years. You need A4 felt sheets, thread, beads/buttons and cotton or pillow filler. For any complicated patterns (sledge, raindeer, train) I suggest to make a pattern first on some cardboard then cut the shapes.

  • Miniature felt ice skates ornament

    Miniature felt ice skates ornament

    One of the sweetest little ornaments you’ve seen. Little ice skates made of felt with paperclips for the blades. They are very easy to make. Work your way up from the paper clip to get the right size of the boots.

  • Felt bib necklace (roses)

    Felt bib necklace (roses)

    By far my favourite handmade piece of jewellery. Worn several times it is a statement piece on any black dress or top. Had several compliments for it. You need to cut strips of felt and make about 20 roses of different sizes. Google ribbon roses and watch a video to learn how to make them.…

  • Old short storage box

    Old short storage box

    I made this from cardboard and and old cotton shirt. If you are not good at sewing then use a glue gun to fix the fabric to the box.

  • Old sheet ghost

    Old sheet ghost

    Turn an old sheet into a Halloween ghost with the help of a ball. I have attached the ball to a cat scratching post and added a wite narrow pipe to make the arms. It’s not the best looking ghost out there, but it took me minutes to make and did not have to buy…

  • Decoupage cards

    Decoupage cards

    I made many cards along the years, but not managed to photograph all. Here are some using the 3D decoupage technique. I like using ribbons, CDs, stickers, buttons, cut shapes, strings to create movement.

  • Recycled windsock

    Recycled windsock

    Get an used can. Paint it or glue some nice fabric on, glue some strips of ribbon comming out from the inside of the can and make a hole in the top of the can to add a string and hang it somewhere in the garden for the wind to blow the ribbons. I had…