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  • Felt bib necklace (roses)

    Felt bib necklace (roses)

    By far my favourite handmade piece of jewellery. Worn several times it is a statement piece on any black dress or top. Had several compliments for it. You need to cut strips of felt and make about 20 roses of different sizes. Google ribbon roses and watch a video to learn how to make them.…

  • Foam clay poppies necklace

    Foam clay poppies necklace

    I love poppies so here is a very easy way to make a necklace. All you need is a few strings of glass beads, a glue gun and some red air drying foam clay. This material is very easy to work with, is light and does not require any thermal treatment. I recommend it for…

  • Ice table decorations

    Ice table decorations

    Here are a few ideas to ornate your table with ice. Ice & flowers/fruit bottle holder or frozen bottles as Jamie Oliver calls them. You need a cut big plastic bottle and an empty wine bottle (or if you like gin and vodka they can go inside the freezer as they are so no need…

  • Easter card/picture idea

    Easter card/picture idea

    Use some egg boxes to make this multideminsional card. Cut the egg holders in flower shapes, paint and make a bouquet by glueing the flowers on some card. Add the stems and punch a whole for hanging up.

  • Birdcage flower arrangement

    Birdcage flower arrangement

    Here is an easy shabby chic decoration. Get a birdcage, a flower sponge and some artificial flowers. Cut the ends and make a small arrangement to go in the birdcage. Great for weddings too.  

  • Flower soup

    Flower soup

    This is an easy and colourful summer activity. You need water, flowers and kitchen utensils (I added flower buttons too and she pretended the were salt and spices). These flowers were gathered from the ground after a big storm. I felt bad for them, but at least I got the most of them. You can…

  • Easter egg flower arrangements

    Easter egg flower arrangements

    Paint some egg shells and put them on some barbecue sticks. Make a flower arrangement and add the eggs.