Tag: Holidays

  • Chinese paper dragon

    Chinese paper dragon

    Sophie’s homework was to build a paper dragon so here’s her end result. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Not my temple, but it seems to be everywhere on the internet so I presume it’s free to use. For other options just search for paper dragon puppet or colour and cut dragon.

  • Fireworks toilet roll paintings

    Fireworks toilet roll paintings

    November and December are full of fireworks. Some people might like them some might not, but one thing is for sure, we all love the colours so we might as well make some of our own. Get some toilet paper and cut strips in the bottom of one end. Make them of different sizes. Dip…

  • Easter egg vases

    Easter egg vases

    Empty some eggs with a syringe (you can make an omelette with the content) and paint them with your favourite colours. Put them in a vase and add a decorative flower or bow.