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  • Snowman wooden sign

    Snowman wooden sign

    Find an old wooden plank and paint a snowman with acrylics. Use it for your outdoor decor. You could add some wording if you have space (welcome or let it snow). Seal it with some waterproof glossy spray.

  • Dried orange slices garland

    Dried orange slices garland

    Here’s an idea for a rustic & green Christmas decoration. All you need is dried orange slices (you can make them with a dehidrator or buy them) some yarn and a large needle. These were made for the school Christmas Winter Wonderland forest trail, but would work very well in a tree.

  • Old short storage box

    Old short storage box

    I made this from cardboard and and old cotton shirt. If you are not good at sewing then use a glue gun to fix the fabric to the box.

  • Rubbish bag spider webs

    Rubbish bag spider webs

    Similar technic like the paper snowflakes. You cut the bag into a square than fold it a few time first in a triangle then another time in half and then cut the sides and leave a core part in the middle like in the photo. There are several other versions online. Super easy. Stick them…

  • Paper bats

    Paper bats

    Cut bats shapes from black cardboard and stick them to walls or on pegs to decorate your house.

  • Halloween mice silhouette decor

    Halloween mice silhouette decor

    Print and cut some black mice silhouettes and stick them to your walls or stairs. Super cheap way to decorate your house.

  • Birdcage flower arrangement

    Birdcage flower arrangement

    Here is an easy shabby chic decoration. Get a birdcage, a flower sponge and some artificial flowers. Cut the ends and make a small arrangement to go in the birdcage. Great for weddings too.  

  • Painted pebbles

    Painted pebbles

    This is the adult version of the painted rocks post. Find or buy a few nice and round pebbles and paint them white or black depending on the background needed. If the background colour is not black then apply the selected colour on white for a more vibrant  colour. To paint the bugs and mushrooms…

  • Minimarket – pretend playroom

    Minimarket – pretend playroom

    Here is a project it took me a while to complete. A pretend shop in the summer house. I kept lots of bottles, boxes and tubs and used a few cardboard boxes to put up a shop. Used pom poms and yarn to make fake mince, cheese strings, eggs and sweets. I made some cardboard…

  • Easter egg flower arrangements

    Easter egg flower arrangements

    Paint some egg shells and put them on some barbecue sticks. Make a flower arrangement and add the eggs.