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  • DIY Hologram projector

    DIY Hologram projector

    What a cool thing to be doing with your home schooled kids. Use some plastic foil from used packaging (clear fruit punnets or toiletry gift boxes) to make a piramid with no base or top. See enclosed photo. You need 4 shapes that you will stick together with transparent tape. Each shape had a 6…

  • Dying pasta for play

    Dying pasta for play

    You need pasta, an empty bottle, food dye or liquid water colours and some rubbing alcohol. Add pasta to the bottle, mix a few drops of dye and some alcohol and sake it well. Add more colour if needed. Dry on a paper towel (this can take 24h or more). I have used this pasta…

  • Painted pebbles

    Painted pebbles

    This is the adult version of the painted rocks post. Find or buy a few nice and round pebbles and paint them white or black depending on the background needed. If the background colour is not black then apply the selected colour on white for a more vibrant  colour. To paint the bugs and mushrooms…

  • Minimarket – pretend playroom

    Minimarket – pretend playroom

    Here is a project it took me a while to complete. A pretend shop in the summer house. I kept lots of bottles, boxes and tubs and used a few cardboard boxes to put up a shop. Used pom poms and yarn to make fake mince, cheese strings, eggs and sweets. I made some cardboard…

  • Salt play-dough

    Salt play-dough

    I made this batch at a party with the help of a few children and it proved to be good fun, but a bit too messy. What you need: 1 part salt; 2 parts flour; 1 part warm water; a few drops of liquid colours (link below) or food colouring. At least this is the…

  • Princess dress up without a costume

    Princess dress up without a costume

    If you have girls who want to be Elsa or any other pricess, but don’t have the full outfits – make your own. No, I do not mean sewing and complicated patterns. You need silky scarfs, bits of fabric or even a lightweight bed sheet. Use elastic bands, bobbles to tie them toghether around the…

  • Dying rice with fizz effect

    Dying rice with fizz effect
  • Liquid watercolors

    Liquid watercolors

    Best paints to use for any dying you might need. A few drops go a long way. I use them to dye food, foam, water and many others. You get vibrant colours. One of my must haves! You can buy them here. 

  • How to dye chickpeas, rice or beans

    How to dye chickpeas, rice or beans

    Here’s how you dye dry food like pasta, rice, beans, chickpeas to be used in tuff spots play and imaginative small world play. What you need: food to dye; colours (I used watercolours, but you can use food coloring too); a plastic bottle or a freezer bag; vinegard if you’re using food colouring. Put the…