Tag: Ice

  • Frozen water balloons

    Frozen water balloons

    Had to take a break from screens as I was experiencing some vertigo. Much better now so here is an experiment to try when is very cold outside. Fill balloons with water and food colouring and leave them to freeze. Peel off the balloon when frozen and have fun.

  • Ice table decorations

    Ice table decorations

    Here are a few ideas to ornate your table with ice. Ice & flowers/fruit bottle holder or frozen bottles as Jamie Oliver calls them. You need a cut big plastic bottle and an empty wine bottle (or if you like gin and vodka they can go inside the freezer as they are so no need…

  • Frozen fractals sensory bin

    Frozen fractals sensory bin

    Freeze some ice trays with coloured water (use food colouring). Add sprinkles, glitter, beads or other small decorations. To make big blocks of ice use plastic containers or lunch boxes. Add Frozen characters or North Pole figurines if your child is not a fan of the Disney film. You can add some warm water to…

  • Save Frozen Elsa

    Save Frozen Elsa

    My eldest is a big fan of Frozen and is now old enough to ask for certain games. She’s wanted another smash/melt the ice challenge so here it was. All it needs is an empty bottle of milk, an Elsa doll and water. When frozen, put it in a box/container and add tools like hammers,…

  • Elsa’s frozen hand activity

    Elsa’s frozen hand activity

    Great play idea for a hot or cold day or during . This Frozen themed activity is refreshing and very entertaining for any Frozen fans. We put songs in the background and my little one wanted to wear her Elsa & Ana hat and gloves. This is also a great STEM activity to learn the…