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  • Monster sandwiches & sausage mummies

    Monster sandwiches & sausage mummies

    If you’re stuck for Halloween games ideas get the kids to make their own monster sandwiches. Just lay down bread, fillers, fruit and vegetables and let their imagination run wild. If you have time to do some baking then get some hot dogs and roll them in puff pastry to make these cute mummies. Add…

  • Beetroot Red Velvet Pancakes

    Beetroot Red Velvet Pancakes

    Today is Shrove Tuesday and we’ve done some pancakes. I wanted a different recipe so tried the red velvet ones made with beetroot. You can’t really taste the beetroot, but it gives a vibrant red colour. To keep the pancakes red while cooking you have to fry them on low and I also did not…

  • Playdoh Christmas cookies

    Playdoh Christmas cookies

    Kids are getting excited about Christmas so here is an easy activity. Take your cookie cutters out of the baking drawer, some sprinkles and/or a mix of buttons and start baking.

  • Guess the fabric – tactile challenge

    Guess the fabric – tactile challenge

    Teach your child the names of fabrics, what they are made of and how they feel than cover their eyes and ask them to guess their names by walking or touching them.

  • Friction experiment

    Friction experiment

    Teach your little ones about friction and different surfaces with a toy car, an improvised ramp and different covers for the ramp. We choose a selection of fabrics and learnt their names. Ask the child to order them by which surface will let the car to go faster then time the car sliding down on…

  • Bamboo poles tent

    Bamboo poles tent

    I made the frame for this tent using bamboo sticks, tape and some plastic pipes from a game we have in the house. I then covered the structure with a large sheet and put a duvet and pillows in it. I decorated the tent and added some lights. Don’t forget about a tray with snacks.…

  • Skeleton made of sticks

    Skeleton made of sticks

    Start by going to a forest walk and gather sticks and some leaves on. Get a mix of sizes. Then form a skeleton with the kids and teach the names of the bones. Great simple activity to combine nature and lean about the human body.

  • Stay home ideas 17

    Stay home ideas 17

    Cake decoration with cardboard and leftover icing, hit the balloons with the spoon for the baby and roller painting cardboard boxes.

  • Pretend cupcakes

    Pretend cupcakes

    I had some icing from some biscuits I made so had to find other uses for it. I always keep expired food items for play (it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I do come across to something that has not been eaten in time and don’t like to just throw it away). I had corn…

  • Stay home ideas 16

    Stay home ideas 16

    Decorate biscuits with icing and sprinkles and make a cardboard make up salon with faces for kids (girls might like this more) to paint. Mine put lipstick, eye shadow, made longer lashes and coloured hair.