Tag: Literacy

  • Muddy puddles & alphabet game

    Muddy puddles & alphabet game

    Here’s an easy game for literacy and writing. Write the alphabet in capitals on a cardboard and make cards with the small letters. Ask children to match the letters, pronunce them and if they are old enough to say words starting with those letters.

  • Placard making – stay home ideas 9

    Placard making – stay home ideas 9

    We’ve taken part in the Scottish CND challenge #windowsforpeace to make a placard and display it in the window. Stamping, cutting and sticking, writing and coloring on a cardboard kept them occupied for hours.

  • Discovering emotions – chalk drawings

    Discovering emotions – chalk drawings

    Easy way to get some fresh air and build those empathy skills by helping them recognise different emotions in people. All you need is a piece of chalk. Draw a number of circles and ask the kids to make happy, sad, angry or shocked faces. For those learning to write ask them to write the…

  • PVA glue play

    PVA glue play

    This was such a good play idea. You need a bottle of PVA glue, liquid colours and some glitter. Put them on a mixing tray and write letters, numbers or draw things on it. It’s sticky and messy. Once you’re done let it dry for a day. Taking out is just as fun. It becomes…

  • Yarn wrapped lettters

    Yarn wrapped lettters

    Great for wall name writing in nurseries or other rooms. What you need: cardboard; glue (UHU or glue gun); yarn; decorative buttons; hanging hooks (I used the plastic easy removing ones). Write and carve the letters you need from the cardboard (or use ready made letters sold in libraries or craft shops). Put glue on…