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  • Painting on snow

    Painting on snow

    We are trying to make the most of the snow indoors and outdoors as it’s unlikely to have it for long. Here’s an indoor idea with snow. Bring some snow in a plastic box and dilute some paints with water (or use food colouring). Painting works better on snow balls. Don’t forget to put a…

  • Leaves mustaches & beards

    Leaves mustaches & beards

    Here’s a funny one, great for Movember month. Mustaches and beards made of leaves and the unavoidable leaves fight continued in the house at the first hour in the morning, still in pijamas.

  • Fruit & vegetable stamps

    Fruit & vegetable stamps

    I have not posted in a while. With lockdown lifted we try our best to get out for walks and other activities. Here’s our last indoor project idea. Make some stamps for painting from celery, lemons, apples or patatoes. Get a big cardboard and some paint and let the mess begin. Do make sure to…

  • Painting bread

    Painting bread

    All you need is a couple of slices of white bread and some diluted paints (food colouring can also be used).

  • Stay home ideas 17

    Stay home ideas 17

    Cake decoration with cardboard and leftover icing, hit the balloons with the spoon for the baby and roller painting cardboard boxes.

  • Frozen fractals sensory bin

    Frozen fractals sensory bin

    Freeze some ice trays with coloured water (use food colouring). Add sprinkles, glitter, beads or other small decorations. To make big blocks of ice use plastic containers or lunch boxes. Add Frozen characters or North Pole figurines if your child is not a fan of the Disney film. You can add some warm water to…

  • Frog swamp

    Frog swamp

    Here’s a messy play idea with the bog mud made of flour, water and a bit of food colouring. Add lizards, frogs, plants, stones and plastic insects.

  • Stay home ideas 5

    Stay home ideas 5

    Sand play (warning – it gets messy) and painting rainbows for kids to spot on their walks. This depends where you live, some countries put teddies in the window, here in Scotland we have rainbows.

  • Fireworks toilet roll paintings

    Fireworks toilet roll paintings

    November and December are full of fireworks. Some people might like them some might not, but one thing is for sure, we all love the colours so we might as well make some of our own. Get some toilet paper and cut strips in the bottom of one end. Make them of different sizes. Dip…

  • Autumn play soup

    Autumn play soup

    Autumn is almost gone so here’s a play idea with everything you can think of related to autumn, water and kitchen utensils – autumn soup play.