Tag: Numeracy

  • DIY Hologram projector

    DIY Hologram projector

    What a cool thing to be doing with your home schooled kids. Use some plastic foil from used packaging (clear fruit punnets or toiletry gift boxes) to make a piramid with no base or top. See enclosed photo. You need 4 shapes that you will stick together with transparent tape. Each shape had a 6…

  • Learning numbers with stones

    Learning numbers with stones

    Here are some ideas to help little ones with their numeracy skills. All you need is stones, chalk and some containers. You can use the stones for counting or tracing numbers and shapes.  

  • Minimarket – pretend playroom

    Minimarket – pretend playroom

    Here is a project it took me a while to complete. A pretend shop in the summer house. I kept lots of bottles, boxes and tubs and used a few cardboard boxes to put up a shop. Used pom poms and yarn to make fake mince, cheese strings, eggs and sweets. I made some cardboard…

  • Grapes & toothpicks geometric/stem shapes

    Grapes & toothpicks geometric/stem shapes

    Make snack time playful and sciency. All you need are some grapes and toothpicks to make these 3D shapes. You can also replace grapes with gummy candies or play-dough balls.  

  • Recycling tuff spot play

    Recycling tuff spot play

    I’ve been saving lids, caps, and all sorts of recycling materials to do a sorting activity. Of course my little one helps out with the recycling in our house, but she still learns what everything is and where they go. Metal seems to be the hardest to get it, but she’ll get there. What you…

  • PVA glue play

    PVA glue play

    This was such a good play idea. You need a bottle of PVA glue, liquid colours and some glitter. Put them on a mixing tray and write letters, numbers or draw things on it. It’s sticky and messy. Once you’re done let it dry for a day. Taking out is just as fun. It becomes…