Tag: Nursery decor

  • Wood planks Halloween Decorations

    Wood planks Halloween Decorations

    Transform some wood planks by painting ghosts or Frankenstain faces on them or wrap white fabric and and add some eyes to make zombies.

  • Slate painting

    Slate painting

    Same thing as painting pebbles: acrylic markers and sealent spray. I used some broken slates to make houses and an old tile to make a multi-storey block. You can put them in your garden or in a fairy corner.

  • Ball pit ideea

    Ball pit ideea

    I had this inflatable paddling pool as a ball pit and it was amazing! It was soft, gave support for my little one when she was still learning how to sit up and there were no hitting the head on the hard floor incidents. A must have from my point of view. I used it…

  • Nursery ceiling decor

    Nursery ceiling decor

    Here is an easy decor idea for a nursery or kids room. Net fabric & paper hot air balloons. I have a transport themed room so the balloons work great and my little one loves them.

  • Embroidery hoops wall art

    Embroidery hoops wall art

    Here is an easy way to frame fabric for any wall art you might have in mind. Use a embroidery hoop. I made this section in my living room to go with my country & Scottish theme. Just pick the piece of fabric you have in mind and add it to an embrodery hoop. I…

  • Yarn wrapped lettters

    Yarn wrapped lettters

    Great for wall name writing in nurseries or other rooms. What you need: cardboard; glue (UHU or glue gun); yarn; decorative buttons; hanging hooks (I used the plastic easy removing ones). Write and carve the letters you need from the cardboard (or use ready made letters sold in libraries or craft shops). Put glue on…