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  • Chinese paper dragon

    Chinese paper dragon

    Sophie’s homework was to build a paper dragon so here’s her end result. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Not my temple, but it seems to be everywhere on the internet so I presume it’s free to use. For other options just search for paper dragon puppet or colour and cut dragon.

  • Paper garland/baubles

    Paper garland/baubles

    Here is an alternative to the traditional paper chain Christmas garland. Make little paper baubles using 5 strips of paper (or any uneven number). Staple the top together. Cut the middle one shorter, then the pair next to it slightly longer and leave the outside pair the longest. Staple the other end making sure the…

  • Pinwheel cupcake toppers

    Pinwheel cupcake toppers

    Decorate your cupcakes with cardboard pinwheels. Make them using double sided printed cardboard for better results. Pattern enclosed but plenty of instructions to be found online.

  • Gift wrapping ideas

    Gift wrapping ideas

    Some ideas to decorate gifts. Try origami flowers, lace, buttons, wide ribbons and stones, cheap jewellery parts or numbers/letters made of beads.

  • Paper bats

    Paper bats

    Cut bats shapes from black cardboard and stick them to walls or on pegs to decorate your house.

  • Halloween mice silhouette decor

    Halloween mice silhouette decor

    Print and cut some black mice silhouettes and stick them to your walls or stairs. Super cheap way to decorate your house.

  • Quilling cards

    Quilling cards

    Here’s some cards using the quilling technique. It was a while back and tools were not available so made my own. I cut my own paper strips and made a quilling tool from an ear cotton bud (I removed the cotton and cut the plastic stick in two for half a centimetre, enough to fit…

  • Shredded paper paddling pool

    Shredded paper paddling pool

    I had a big bag of documents needing shredded and did it with the help of my wee one. Once finished, we put all the paper in a paddling pool and both my kids went in it. For the baby I put a few toys in and made sure she is not trying to eat…

  • Paper weaving

    Paper weaving

    I spent ages as a child paper weaving. I had lots of fabulous ready made kits and ended up with creations like the one enclosed. I could not find anywhere sets like this and ended up cutting one myself. My little one coloured it and finished it all by herself with a bit of frustration…