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  • Coloured pasta butterflies or bows

    Coloured pasta butterflies or bows

    Using this technique dye your pasta and dry it. Then with acrylic pens paint different butterflies. Teach the kids the different types and characteristics when painting them. My little one really likes the Monarch.

  • Autumn pasta play

    Autumn pasta play

    Easy sensory bin play with uncooked pasta and autumn related materials (cones, nuts, chestnuts, leaves and other natural materials). Just let the children mix and play. My eldest made me pizza, soups and pasta.

  • Coloured baby spaghetti play

    Coloured baby spaghetti play

    Here is a simple, but very interesting messy play idea for babies and toddlers who like sampling their play ingredients. Boil some pasta and add food colour to it. Enjoy the sensory experience!

  • Farm tuff spot (complex version)

    Farm tuff spot (complex version)

    This is one of of the most popular tuff spot ideas out there. I have a number of variations, but this is my best. What you need: Straw; Dyed chickpeas; Artificial grass patch; Pasta; Farm animals; Farm stables; Easter sheep (Poundland); Train tracks; Artificial flowers; Tractors and farmers; Weetabix biscuit; Stones and wooden chips; Loosefill…

  • Dinosaurs tuff spot

    Dinosaurs tuff spot

    Here is a messy, but great dinosaurs tuff spot. What you need: Plastic dinosaurs; Fish tank plastic plants; Rocks and pebbles; Water, flour and food colouring for the goo (or liquid watercolours); Pasta, lentils, semolina for different textures. To make the goo just mix water, flour and colours to get a pancake batter consistency.

  • Worms & bugs sensory bin

    Worms & bugs sensory bin

    Play idea involving very realistic worms made of pasta and soil made of coffee grounds. What I used: Boiled spaghetti; Coffee grounds; Bag of plastic bugs (link below); Wood chips; Stones; Plants; Scoops; A transparent storage box. Create a small world using the above materials. Save what you can and reuse. Always make a habit…

  • Sensory bottles

    Sensory bottles

    Mess free and safe activity for any age. Babies will love the noise and colours and older children will use them in pretend play. What you need: 500 ml plastic bottles; buttons; pasta; sugar puffs; feathers; water with glitter or paints; coloured sand; pom poms; anything else you find handy and makes noise or looks…

  • Pasta play

    Pasta play

    What you need: A few big bags of pasta (various types including penne); Pots, measuring cups, funnels and other kitchen utensils; A bit of yarn to make a pasta neckless; A big Ikea storage box (but any box will do); A bbq stick to slip past on (do cut the sharp ends); Plastic bottles, buckets.…