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  • Coloured pasta butterflies or bows

    Coloured pasta butterflies or bows

    Using this technique dye your pasta and dry it. Then with acrylic pens paint different butterflies. Teach the kids the different types and characteristics when painting them. My little one really likes the Monarch.

  • Dying pasta for play

    Dying pasta for play

    You need pasta, an empty bottle, food dye or liquid water colours and some rubbing alcohol. Add pasta to the bottle, mix a few drops of dye and some alcohol and sake it well. Add more colour if needed. Dry on a paper towel (this can take 24h or more). I have used this pasta…

  • Pasta shells boats

    Pasta shells boats

    Buy some giant pasta shells and fill them with salads or other stuff that your kids love. Add a toothpick with a glued paper triangle to make them look like boats.