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  • Stay home ideas 14

    Stay home ideas 14

    Make a tent (I used tarpaulin on a washing line and some pegs for securing it in the grass) a polly pocket foamy pool party and dot patterns with kitchen roll or toilet paper.

  • Fireworks toilet roll paintings

    Fireworks toilet roll paintings

    November and December are full of fireworks. Some people might like them some might not, but one thing is for sure, we all love the colours so we might as well make some of our own. Get some toilet paper and cut strips in the bottom of one end. Make them of different sizes. Dip…

  • Learning numbers with stones

    Learning numbers with stones

    Here are some ideas to help little ones with their numeracy skills. All you need is stones, chalk and some containers. You can use the stones for counting or tracing numbers and shapes.  

  • Bubble wrap stomp painting

    Bubble wrap stomp painting

    Here’s an idea for outdoor play on a sunny day. You need an old bed sheet, paints and bubble wrap. Stick the wrap to their feet and get them to step in paint (or use a brush) and run on the sheet. Once the artwork is finished and dried you can use it to protect…

  • Coins tracing

    Coins tracing

    I spent ages doing this as a child si I had to try it with my little one. She’ll be better at it when she will lear how to control the pressure she puts when drawing, but she liked it anyway.

  • Tracing patterns

    Tracing patterns

    An easy time killer play with some sort of therapeutical effect for our little one. Tracing various patterns with small colourful toys, buttons, legos or other similar things you have in the house. We used snowflake building pieces.

  • Pulled string painting

    Pulled string painting

    Get a piece of yarn, some colours and sheets of cardboard and try these flowers. I used water and liquid watercolours (yes, a big fan of them here) but you can use food colouring or normal pains (dissolved in some water). Soak the yarn/string in it, put it on a sheet of cardboard inside of…

  • Paper weaving

    Paper weaving

    I spent ages as a child paper weaving. I had lots of fabulous ready made kits and ended up with creations like the one enclosed. I could not find anywhere sets like this and ended up cutting one myself. My little one coloured it and finished it all by herself with a bit of frustration…