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  • Frog swamp

    Frog swamp

    Here’s a messy play idea with the bog mud made of flour, water and a bit of food colouring. Add lizards, frogs, plants, stones and plastic insects.

  • Recycling tuff spot play

    Recycling tuff spot play

    I’ve been saving lids, caps, and all sorts of recycling materials to do a sorting activity. Of course my little one helps out with the recycling in our house, but she still learns what everything is and where they go. Metal seems to be the hardest to get it, but she’ll get there. What you…

  • Worms & bugs sensory bin

    Worms & bugs sensory bin

    Play idea involving very realistic worms made of pasta and soil made of coffee grounds. What I used: Boiled spaghetti; Coffee grounds; Bag of plastic bugs (link below); Wood chips; Stones; Plants; Scoops; A transparent storage box. Create a small world using the above materials. Save what you can and reuse. Always make a habit…

  • Kids bird feeder

    Kids bird feeder

    Here’s a easy to make bird feeder for the cold season. What you need: toilet paper rolls; peanut butter; bird seeds; some string. Just spread some peanut butter on the toilet roll to get the seeds to stick. Use a bit of string to put the feeder in a tree.