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  • Flower soup

    Flower soup

    This is an easy and colourful summer activity. You need water, flowers and kitchen utensils (I added flower buttons too and she pretended the were salt and spices). These flowers were gathered from the ground after a big storm. I felt bad for them, but at least I got the most of them. You can…

  • Garden soup

    Garden soup

    Here is a water & natural resources based activity. Great for spending time outdoor on a sunny day. Gather some pots and spoons and a pair of scissors and get in the garden. Snip some wild flowers and leaves, gather stones, feathers and any other treasures you might find. Get some bottles and jugs and…

  • Under the sea sensory bin

    Under the sea sensory bin

    Here’s a water bases sensory bin: under the ocean soup What you need: A blue bath bomb (I’m a declared fan of Lush); Plastic aquarium plants; Fish/ocean figurines; Fishing net; Soak the jelly figurienes in water and let them about 2 days to expand. Mix the bath bomb in some warm water and add all…

  • Polka dot soup

    Polka dot soup

    Easy and colourfull activity. What you need: bingo chips; kitchen utensils; water, plastic box and towels. Do make note of choking hazard so please supervise if the child is not old enough.