Tag: Pretend play

  • Coloured pasta butterflies or bows

    Coloured pasta butterflies or bows

    Using this technique dye your pasta and dry it. Then with acrylic pens paint different butterflies. Teach the kids the different types and characteristics when painting them. My little one really likes the Monarch.

  • Play idea – at the beach

    Play idea – at the beach

    This was entirely Sophie’s ideea. She misses her granny and wanted to pretend she is at hers and they go to the beach. Giving the lockdown and middle of winter we went full on as this is the closest she gets. Take out all your beach gear and have fun. Don’t forget your sun cream!

  • Playdoh Christmas cookies

    Playdoh Christmas cookies

    Kids are getting excited about Christmas so here is an easy activity. Take your cookie cutters out of the baking drawer, some sprinkles and/or a mix of buttons and start baking.

  • Carved pumpkin idea

    Carved pumpkin idea

    Fairy House Pumpkin. Some flowers and leaves, toadstools and loads of glitter.

  • Bamboo poles tent

    Bamboo poles tent

    I made the frame for this tent using bamboo sticks, tape and some plastic pipes from a game we have in the house. I then covered the structure with a large sheet and put a duvet and pillows in it. I decorated the tent and added some lights. Don’t forget about a tray with snacks.…

  • Stay home ideas 18

    Stay home ideas 18

    Crystal tree kit, bride play and wheelbarrow ride.

  • Box boat

    Box boat

    Find a box and transform it into a boat. Make a steering wheel from cardboard, get some sticks to hang a muslim or a tea towel and improvise some paddles and a fishing rod. I used a magnet fishing rod and coins as fish. Have fun!

  • Frozen fractals sensory bin

    Frozen fractals sensory bin

    Freeze some ice trays with coloured water (use food colouring). Add sprinkles, glitter, beads or other small decorations. To make big blocks of ice use plastic containers or lunch boxes. Add Frozen characters or North Pole figurines if your child is not a fan of the Disney film. You can add some warm water to…

  • Little Red Riding Hood Re-enactment

    Little Red Riding Hood Re-enactment

    Action story telling with puppets and dolls. My little one lives them so have all sort of stories re-enactments.

  • Cindirella re-enactment

    Cindirella re-enactment

    After Tangled it was clear that I had to do more of the same. So here’s our version of Cindirella.