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  • Green & shiny pennies

    Green & shiny pennies

    Here’s another fun experiment with pennies. You need half a cup of vinegar and a teaspoon of salt. Mix it and put the coins in the solution. The dull ones will regain their shine. If you want to keep them shiny rinse them in water, if you want to turn them green/blue put them to…

  • Musical wine glasses

    Musical wine glasses

    Always been fascinated by the sounds of the crystal glasses. It turns out any cheap wine glass does the job. To do it with your kids is best to have a waterproof base and stick the glasses to the base with tape. Pour different quantities of water to the glasses as this results in different…

  • Bubble catching

    Bubble catching

    We play with bubbles all the time, but never tried this until today. Great variation.

  • Ball garland, stay home ideas 1

    Ball garland, stay home ideas 1

    Get some tape and balls from the ball pit and make garlands. Short activity, but they can use the tape several times so worth making a few attempts to practice colour sorting and various designs.

  • Autumn pasta play

    Autumn pasta play

    Easy sensory bin play with uncooked pasta and autumn related materials (cones, nuts, chestnuts, leaves and other natural materials). Just let the children mix and play. My eldest made me pizza, soups and pasta.

  • Feeding snails

    Feeding snails

    Snails are so easy to find and very interesting for little ones. Just get a snai or too and add some water and some bread to a plate. Place it on it and wait until they get out to eat. Might help to bring them close to the bread to sense the smell. They might…

  • Flower soup

    Flower soup

    This is an easy and colourful summer activity. You need water, flowers and kitchen utensils (I added flower buttons too and she pretended the were salt and spices). These flowers were gathered from the ground after a big storm. I felt bad for them, but at least I got the most of them. You can…

  • Water slide/puddles activity

    Water slide/puddles activity

    I have been waiting for a hot day to do this for a while now & it finally came. You need a big tarpaulin sheet, a water hose and one or more kids in swimming costumes. Just lie down the sheet on a flat surface (grass to avoid accidents) if you want puddles, or downhill…

  • Toys ideas

    Toys ideas

    Here are some ideas of toys for when you are in holiday or at someone else’s house. 1. Pegs  – my little ones like sorting them, clip them to clothes, throw them in a basket from distance, making patterns. You can also hang a low string and give them some clothes for pretend washing. They…

  • Shredded paper paddling pool

    Shredded paper paddling pool

    I had a big bag of documents needing shredded and did it with the help of my wee one. Once finished, we put all the paper in a paddling pool and both my kids went in it. For the baby I put a few toys in and made sure she is not trying to eat…