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  • Coloured salt jars

    Coloured salt jars

    Make some rainbow magic salt jars using fine salt and chalk. Just pour some salt on a paper and rub the chalk on the salt until you get the desired colour. Fill some empty jars. If you want to avoid mixing the colours make sure you fill it to the top and push the salt…

  • Stay home ideas 5

    Stay home ideas 5

    Sand play (warning – it gets messy) and painting rainbows for kids to spot on their walks. This depends where you live, some countries put teddies in the window, here in Scotland we have rainbows.

  • Dying pasta for play

    Dying pasta for play

    You need pasta, an empty bottle, food dye or liquid water colours and some rubbing alcohol. Add pasta to the bottle, mix a few drops of dye and some alcohol and sake it well. Add more colour if needed. Dry on a paper towel (this can take 24h or more). I have used this pasta…

  • Coloured baby spaghetti play

    Coloured baby spaghetti play

    Here is a simple, but very interesting messy play idea for babies and toddlers who like sampling their play ingredients. Boil some pasta and add food colour to it. Enjoy the sensory experience!

  • Edible coloured water beads- basil seeds

    Edible coloured water beads- basil seeds

    These seeds are so interesting and very sticky. They feel like water beads, slippery and squishy, but are safe to taste and touch. What you need: Big bag of basil seeds from Asian shop; Food colouring (this is what I uaed for mine, but if the child is big enough you’ll get better results with…

  • Sensory bin treasure hunt

    Sensory bin treasure hunt

    Easy activity, but age sensitive because of choking hazard. I still got my baby involved by playing with the rice. Mix coloured rice (recipe here) with a bunch of penny coins. Add some spoons and a colander  to separate the rice from the coins. This activity works with many ingredients. Other examples could be: plain…

  • Pipes & rainbow rice play

    Pipes & rainbow rice play

    Great play idea with coloured rice, some pipes and kitchen utensils. A colour explosion!!!    

  • Tracing patterns

    Tracing patterns

    An easy time killer play with some sort of therapeutical effect for our little one. Tracing various patterns with small colourful toys, buttons, legos or other similar things you have in the house. We used snowflake building pieces.

  • Rainbow foam

    Rainbow foam

    A very simple recipe for a fabulous sensory play. What you need: Dishwasher soap; Water; Liquid paints (or food colouring); Mixer & a big bowl; Random kitchen utensils; A plastic storage box. Mix dishwasher soap with water to make foam. Transfer the foam as it forms to the tray and keep mixing till you get…